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Under-prepared Students

The Hechinger Report states, "Data from 911 two and four-year colleges revealed that 96 percent of schools enrolled students who required remediation in the 2014-15 academic year, the most comprehensive recent numbers. At least 209 schools placed more than half of incoming students in at least one remedial course."

Unfortunately, many college students experience great disappointment when entering college and finding the academic rigors more challenging than expected or finding their fears that they are not up to task confirmed. Many of the students entering community colleges find themselves testing at below college-level English or mathematics and having to take remedial courses for no credit. To achieve enrollment in the college level courses may take a series of courses that create a hindrance to the many students who languish and eventually drop out of college discouraged by their lack of success. 

This is a complicated issue that points the finger in many directions but regardless, the issue for the community college is . . .

How to improve the success rates of under-prepared students? 
1. Provide educational and career counseling to help students determine their educational goal
2. Improve assessment and placement into courses taking a holistic approach
3. Accelerate the time required to complete remediation
4. Provide additional educational tutoring to support academic achievement
5. Improve communication with students via outreach to them and alert systems to counselors
6. Combine academic instruction with career application to enhance relevance. 

Source: Hechinger Report 

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