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Re-elect for a 2nd Term!

Dr. Edel Alonso was elected in 2016 to the COC Board of Trustees and, as a former faculty leader, brought a unique perspective knowing the college district intimately from the inside out. Nevertheless, always a learner, she applied herself and earned an Excellence in Trusteeship Certificate from the Community College League of California in her very first year on the Board.

As a Board member, she kept her promises to make decisions based on:
1. Putting ALL student access, educational needs, and success first
2. Being fiscally responsible
3. Holding the Board and District accountable for transparency.

As she views it, her most important responsibilities are:
1. To ensure ALL students access, equity, and success
2. To exercise oversight for expenditures with a sense of responsibility to the taxpayers.
3. To demand emergency preparedness for the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

She believes the issues immediately ahead facing the college  are:
1. Meeting COVID-19 mandates to ensure campus safety
2. Managing the budget given the new state funding formula and decreasing resources
3. Reviewing student equity measures and improving outcomes.

Edel promotes orderly discourse, ethical standards of behavior, and public deliberations so that community members can witness and assess for themselves each Board member's contribution to the decision-making process when voting on issues that come to the Board. You are invited to view her in action at COC Board meetings online.

Respectfully, Edel asks for your continued support. 


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